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Owen M. Panner Professionalism Award

The Oregon State Bar Litigation Section is proud to present the annual Owen M. Panner Professionalism Award at its annual retreat in March of each year. The award is named after an esteemed member of the federal bench, and honors a member of the bench or bar who exemplifies the highest personal and professional standards.
Past recipients are:

2024Stephen English, Portland
2020Clarence Belnavis, Portland
2019Hon. Anna Brown, Portland
2018Robert Shlachter, Portland
2017Joe Richards, Eugene
2016Hon. Michael J. McShane, Eugene
2015Jim Gidley, Portland
2014Hon. Mark D. Clarke, Medford
2013William A. Barton, Newport
2012Judge Lynn R. Nakamoto, Portland
2011William B. Crow, Portland
2010Nancie Potter, Portland
2009Thomas E. Cooney, Lake Oswego
2008Carl Burnham, Jr., Ontario
2007James L. Sutherland, Eugene
2006Arthur C. Johnson, Eugene
2005Donald B. Bowerman, Oregon City
2004Mic Alexander, Salem
2003Fred Hartstrom, Eugene
2002Tom Tongue, Portland
2001Judy Snyder, Portland
2000Gene Hallman, Pendleton
1999Don McEwen , Portland
1998Hon. Owen M. Panner, Portland

The Section welcomes nominees of diverse backgrounds, practice areas, gender, and geographic location. Nominations close on May 8, 2020, for the following year’s award, but they are accepted year-round. Late nominations and nominees who are not selected to receive the award will be carried over to the next year’s candidate list.

To nominate a candidate for the Owen M. Panner Professionalism Award, please send a confidential letter to:

Kate Anne Wilkinson
Standard Insurance Company
900 SW 5th Avenue
Post Office Box 711
Portland, Oregon 97207
[email protected]

Be sure to include a short statement of the reasons for your nomination, and at least two further references for the nominee. You will be contacted for more detailed information if your nominee becomes a finalist for the award.

Screening and Selection Criteria for Owen M. Panner Professionalism Award

  • The award recipient should exemplify (not simply meet) the standards defined in the Oregon State Bar Statement of Professionalism.
  • The award is intended to recognize and honor personal and professional qualities, reputation, and conduct. Leadership activities and service with the bar or the community in general, while probative of professionalism, should not be considered key in the screening and selection process.
  • Pro bono service should be considered in the screening process.
  • The award recipient should be a role model for other attorneys, particularly younger attorneys.
  • Because the recipient should serve as a role model, an appreciation of diversity in the screening and selection process is essential. In particular, the award should recognize the increasingly important contributions of lawyers who are women, minorities, engaged in public/government practice, and solo and small firm practitioners.